Sprint Retrospective – 2 May 2018

As the final full sprint comes to a close, I find myself wishing for just a bit more time to work. With the testing issues resolved, we were able to work much better than we have in the past, and with a newfound grasp of the technologies at hand. Had we begun the semester with […]

Be The Worst

Intimidating in much the same way that The White Belt pattern is, Be The Worst encourages software developers to surround themselves with peers that have much greater skill levels. As the weakest member of a team, one has ample amounts of room to learn and grow. Practically speaking, due to the skill present in the […]

Sprint Retrospective – 18 April 2018

By stark contrast to all previous sprints, Sprint #5 was a violent roller coaster of efficacy. For the first half of the sprint, I continued in the role set for myself in the previous sprint: the guy who writes the tests. Up to this point, we had been using a simple set of tests for […]

Reflect As You Work

I was particularly interested in this pattern the more I read about it, because it sounds incredibly similar in essence to keeping a journal – which is something that I already do. I had never considered maintaining a “Personal Practices Map” as they called it, but it sounds like a perfectly sensible thing to start […]

Learn How You Fail

Hitting particularly close to home, the Learn How You Fail pattern seeks to instill in inexperienced developers the notion that failure is inevitable and manageable. As written in the Context of the pattern, “Someone who has never failed at anything has either avoided pushing the boundaries of their own abilities or has learned to overlook […]

Sprint Retrospective – 4 April 2018

This sprint was easily our best one yet. We were highly productive, completing a range of tasks concerning design, merging with other teams and test-driven development. Where the previous few sprints have illuminated the pitfalls and obstacles of Agile development to our team, this sprint gave us a feel for what it’s like when Agile […]

Concrete Skills

Concrete Skills is particularly relevant to those of us coming to the end of our college careers; the problem it talks about is one that is outside of the inexperienced developer’s bubble. Specifically, the pattern is concerned with hiring managers’ inherent level of risk when hiring somebody who may not be able to contribute to […]